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Room Set-ups

Room set-up is included in the price for Full Service events.  Any room set-ups for non-food events/meetings need to be discussed with housekeeping directly.  On the Rooms page, there are floor plans available to help you decide which one best fits your needs.  We can set-up only the floor plans listed on the website.  Requests for a non-standard room set up will be considered on an individual basis and may result in an additional service fee or may not be approved.  If your group moves the furniture in the event rooms, all items must be returned to their original location or you may acquire an additional service fee.


Food and Nutrition Rooms

No food from outside of the hospital is allowed in the following Food and Nutrition Services rooms: Atrium Conference Rooms A/B, 7th Floor Atrium Dining Room, East Room, & Melrose Conference Center This includes food from home as well as food from a vendor outside of the hospital.


Conference Rooms

Food and Nutrition Services’ conference rooms are not available for recognition events such as retirements, farewells, or special honors due to their limited space and close proximity to business areas within the hospital.


Guest Counts

An estimated number of guests should be provided at the time your order is placed.  A final count is required by noon, two (2) business days (M-F) prior to your event.  Once this deadline has passed, the estimate becomes the “final count” and is the basis for calculation of your billing.  Changes in final count after this time will be accommodated whenever possible, but cannot be guaranteed.  Additional costs will apply.  Should the number of guests served exceed the final count, billing will be adjusted to the charge for the actual number of guests served.



Cancellations less than 24-hours prior to your event are subject to charges that will be assessed and billed accordingly.  Full Service events that have been set up and Cart Service events that have been delivered will be billed in full.


Building/Room Access

For Cart Service events, it is your responsibility to make sure all delivery addresses are accessible by our staff.  This is especially important for carts being delivered in the early morning, late evening, or over the weekend.  If our staff is required to wait for access to an area, your order will not arrive on time.  If you have planned a Full Service event, our staff will arrange to have all areas unlocked.


Payment Policies

Payment procedures are simplified and completed with the use of your 40-digit MFK number.  Orders should be submitted on a hospital requisition that has been filled out completely and has the appropriate approval signatures.  For those events where an MFK cannot be used, we must receive a written order that includes an address where billing can be sent.  It is possible to use a credit card or procurement card for payment.  Please contact Catering Services to arrange these payment methods.  Requisitions must arrive in our office no later than seven (7) days in advance for a Cart Service event, and three (3) weeks in advance for all Full Service and China/Linen events.  This advance notice allows for the appropriate food items to be ordered and service staff to be scheduled.  Orders received after these deadlines will be accommodated whenever possible, however not guaranteed.


UCHOOSE program

The campus wide Healthy Campus Nutrition Advisory Group developed healthy food guidelines and the UCHOOSE program that supports healthy choices for staff, faculty, students, patients and visitors.  Food and Nutrition Services catering is committed to providing healthy food options and is required to provide 25% of total servings as healthy.  We have modified the menu to meet this requirement. 


Full Service Events

Full Service events are available in several areas throughout the hospital complex.  A Full Service event is set-up, serviced, and cleaned up by our catering staff.  All Full Service events incur a 20% service fee.


Cart Service Events

Cart Service events can be requested for delivery to any address within the hospital complex.  This includes: all items packaged in travel-safe containers, & all service ware needed for the food provided.  Carts will arrive 15 minutes before the indicated event start time and, unless otherwise indicated, picked up two (2) hours later.  Please be sure to have all items on the cart prior to cart pick-up time.  Any missing items will be charged to the event.  If you need the cart to be picked up at an address different from where it was delivered, please contact our office.  There is a 10% service fee incurred for all Cart Service events.



For both Full Service and Cart Service events, paper and plastic service ware comes standard.  If you prefer china for your event, we would be happy to take care of that for an additional 10% service feeIf for any circumstance your guests need to leave the event early and require travel tableware, we are happy to supply those items, but there will be an additional fee for all travel items taken.


Table Skirting

Table skirting and table tops are provided for food and/or beverage tables free of charge for Full Service events, plus two (2) additional tables.  This includes set-up and removal.  Table skirting and table tops are not included in the price of Cart Service events but are available for rental.  Please follow this link for more information about table skirting.


Flowers and Specialty Items

If your event requires flowers or rentals from any other purveyor, our staff will be happy to make those arrangements for you.  A handling fee will be added to the final cost of these services and will be added to your catering bill.  Additional charges may be incurred for changes made within 72 hours of your event.  Emergency fees may also be added depending on the situation and will be evaluated on an individual basis.


Guest Book

A guest book is available for retirements, farewells, or other appropriate functions at a cost of $10.

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