Food and Nutrition Services -   Dietetic Internship


The rotation schedule is developed according to the following guidelines:

Orientation 2 weeks
Clinical Dietetics (inpatient and outpatient) 19 weeks
Food Service Management 11 weeks
Community Nutrition 4 weeks
Event Planning 1 week
National Nutrition Month Health Fair 1 week
Staff Relief, Clinical 4 weeks
Vacation/Holidays 2 weeks
Total 44 weeks

Clinical Rotations

Within the clinical divisions of the Hospital, 32 registered and licensed dietitians participate in rounds, patient care reviews, and specialty clinics as contributing members of the health care team. Clinical dietitians develop nutrition care plans, monitor nutritional status, and counsel patients having special nutritional needs.  Interns will spend 19 weeks assisting the clinical dietitians and 4 weeks in clinical staff relief.  The intern is required to have both inpatient and outpatient rotations along with at least 1 pediatric rotation.  Most inpatient rotations include an intensive care unit.  During the first semester, clinical rotations are assigned. In the second semester, the student is able to choose clinical rotations of interest.  Clinical rotation options include:

Inpatient Units

Outpatient Units

Oncology (2 rotations)
Medical Cardiology (2 rotations)

Cardiology (2 rotations)
General Medicine (2 rotations)

Medical Intensive Care

Behavioral Health
Pediatrics (2 rotations)
Trauma/Burn Unit




General Nutrition Clinic (2 rotations)
Diabetes/Endocrine (2 rotations)


Center for Disabilities & Development

Student Health and Wellness



Management Rotations

In addition to providing patient food service, the Department of Food and Nutrition Services serves more than 9,500 meals daily to hospital personnel, outpatients, and visitors.  The department produces all meals in a central kitchen. From this site it serves all inpatient units, dining rooms for staff and visitors, and satellite food service units.  Interns will spend a total of 11 weeks in Food Service Management. Rotation areas include: Compliance and Security, Human Resources, Catering, Purchasing, Clinical Operations, Food Service Operations (2 rotations), Financial Operations, Business Operations, Patient Room Services, Production, and Clinical Services.

Community Rotations

Interns spend four weeks observing in community nutrition rotations.  Experiences typically include:  long-term care facilities, WIC, Hy-Vee food stores, K-12 School System, correctional facility, and Food Reservoir.