Food and Nutrition Services -   Dietetic Internship

    Program Costs

Expenses and Tuition

Tuition is determined by the State Board of Regents and is subject to change.  All dietetic interns are eligible for in state tuition regardless of state of residency.

Financial Aid and Loan Deferment

The dietetic internship program falls under the regular Graduate College and is part of all Title IV financial aid programs governed by the University of Iowa as a whole.  Dietetic interns are eligible for any applicable financial aid and/or loan deferment.  All financial assistance is administered by the Office of Student Financial Aid at

For information contact:

Office of Student Financial Aid

208 Calvin Hall

Iowa City, Iowa


Phone: 319-335-1450

Fax: 319-335-3060


10 Month Cost of the Program 2017 - 2018



Fall Semester (6 credit hours) $3,450/semester

Spring Semester (3 credit hours) $1,712/semester





Apartment (One-Bedroom Single Occupancy)  $675/month

Food for Student4 $225/month






Living Expenses  $292/month

Health Insurance  $190/month





  1Includes tuition (dietetic interns receive resident rate regardless of resident status) and required fees (technology fee, student activities fee, student services fee, student union fee, building fee, arts and cultural events fee, recreation fee, professional enhancement, health fees).

  2Most books are available for check-out in department resource center. Registered Dietitian Exam is $200.

  3Data from a survey of available properties posted on the IMU Off-Campus Housing Service website. Housing should be secured sometime in May or June for occupancy in August.  Rent is generally between $675-$1000 per unit for a one bedroom, one bathroom apartment on the west side of Iowa City.  Rent is generally $960-$1289 per unit for a two bedroom, two bathroom apartment on the west side of Iowa City.  Rent varies on apartment size, furnishings, and whether or not utilities are included.  Coralville or North Liberty rents may be somewhat less expensive than in Iowa City.  Total 10 month estimate is $4,800-$10,000.

  4 Meals may be prepared at home or purchased in the UI Hospitals and Clinics dining facilities.  The food estimate from the Official USDA Food Plans: Cost of Food at Home as Four Levels, U.S. Average, August 2017 for the moderate cost plan of an average of male/female between 19-50 years for 44 weeks is $2,708.

  5 Student personal expenses are estimated by using the amount allowed on the Internal Revenue Service Federal Income Tax return for a personal exemption adjusted down to a 10-month basis.

Single Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP)

Health insurance- The UI Student Health Insurance is mandatory unless the student is covered by another health care plan.  The cost of Graduate Student Health Insurance (SHIP) for 10 months is $1,400. 

  6 Cost calculated as average of bus on-campus, bus off-campus, car on-campus, and car off-campus.