Renal Pathology Exam
Epic Lab Code: LAB8236
Downtime Form: H-1 Surgical Pathology Consult
Surgical Pathology Laboratory
5804 JPP
Specimen Instructions:
A completed requisition must accompany all requests. It should contain the patient's name, number, date of biopsy, tissue source, transplant history, biopsy site, clinical history, lab data (BUN, Creatinine, etc.), and questions to be answered. Include other pertinent history and findings.
Delivery Instructions:
Keep at room temperature. Do not refrigerate. Deliver to laboratory immediately after collection.
Testing Schedule:
0800-1630 Monday through Friday. For additional services, contact Clinical Pathology Resident on-call at pager #3404.
Turn Around Time:
Light Microscopy and Immunofluorescence within 24 hours (upon receipt in laboratory). Electron microscopy within 24-48 hours (upon receipt in laboratory).
Reference Range:
The pathologist will provide an interpretative report.
Send biopsy on saline soaked gauze to Surgical Pathology Laboratory at 5804 JPP (6-1859). Lab personnel will triage the biopsy for light microscopy, EM, and Immunopathology.

If ANCA and AGBM assay are also desired, please submit 5 mL red top tube and A1a Immunopathology requisition.
Light Microscopy, Electron Microscopy and Immunofluorescence
CPT Code:
88305(technical and professional)
88313 x4(technical and professional)
88348 (technical and professional)
88346 x9 (technical and professional)
See Additional Information:
Specimens Requiring Immediate Delivery