Calcium, Ionized (Or Free)
Label Mnemonic: ICA
Epic Lab Code: LAB54
Downtime Form: A-1a Doctor/Provider Orders - Pathology Core and Specialty Care Nursery
Critical Care - Relocated to Core Laboratory
6240 RCP
Serum, Plasma or Whole Blood
Collection Medium:
Heparinized syringe or Green top tube (Na Heparin)
0.5 mL in Lithium/Sodium Heparin syringe or, Full draw; any size Lithium/Sodium Heparin green top tube.
Delivery Instructions:
Deliver to laboratory immediately after collection.
Testing Schedule:
24 hrs/day, 7 days a week, including holidays.
Turn Around Time:
10 minutes (upon receipt in laboratory)
Reference Range:
3.8-5.2 mg/dL for adults; Reference Range for neonatal: 0-5 Days: 4.2-5.9 mg/dL* *neonatal ref. Values for ionized calcium, .... Scand J Lab Invest, 1987, 47: 111-117. Critical Care Critical Value: <3.2 mg/dL and >5.9 mg/dL Special Care Nurseries Critical Value: <3.0 mg/dL and >6.5 mg/dL
Can be ordered with blood gases (0.5 mL blood required); all needles must be removed from the syringe before delivery.

This test is also performed in the Iowa River Landing (IRL) clinical laboratory (for specimens drawn at that site).
Ion Selective Electrode
CPT Code: