Venous (Peripheral) Blood Gas
Label Mnemonic: VBGP
Epic Lab Code: LAB8590
Downtime Form: A-1a Doctor/Provider Orders - Pathology Core and Specialty Care Nursery
Critical Care - Relocated to Core Laboratory
6240 RCP
Whole Blood (syringe only)
Collection Medium:
Lithium/Sodium Heparin syringe
0.5 mL in Lithium/Sodium Heparin syringes ONLY. No air bubbles in syringe.
Delivery Instructions:
Deliver to laboratory immediately after collection.
Testing Schedule:
24 hrs/day, 7 days a week, including holidays.
Turn Around Time:
10 minutes (upon receipt in laboratory)
Reference Range:
  Adults Pediatrics (<18 years old) pH 7.33-7.43 7.30-7.40 PCO2 37-50 32-45 mm Hg for girls, 35-48 mm Hg for boys pO2 37-47 50-65 torr Critical Care Critical Values: pH <7.20 and >7.60 pCO2 Adults <20 and >70 Peds <20 and >55 pO2 <20 Special Care Nurseries Critical Values: pH <7.25 and >7.65 pCO2 <30 and >70
This order is for venous blood gas for a specimen drawn from peripheral site (e.g., standard venipuncture) as opposed to central catheter such as PICC line or pulmonary artery catheter. Blood gas analyses and calculations assume a patient temperature of 37°C unless the laboratory is informed of a different temperature either by phone or by paper documentation if sample is hand- delivered. Any air drawn in with the sample must be expelled immediately. Samples that contain greater than 25% air to sample volume ratio will not be analyzed. All needles must be removed from the syringe before delivery.

This test is also performed in the Iowa River Landing (IRL) clinical laboratory (for specimens drawn at that site).
Traditional Electrodes
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