Pap Smear
5222 RCP
Cervical/Vaginal Smear
1 smear; fix immediately (without air-drying) with spray fixative.
Turn Around Time:
5 working days
Reference Range:
Normal result is: Negative for intraepithelial lesion or malignancy.
The requisition with complete patient history must accompany the 
specimen: Provide age, specimen source, last menstrual period, type of 
hormones being received, IUD, abnormal bleeding, previous abnormal 
smears, chemotherapy and/or radiation.

Pencil patient's name and hospital number on the frosted end of the 
glass slide.
Manual screening by cytotechnologist under physician supervision.
CPT Code:
Screening Pap Smear HCPCS codes: P3000 (technical) P3001 (physician code if abnormal) Diagnostic Pap Smear CPT codes: 88164 (technical) 88141 (physician code if abnormal)
See also:
Cytology, Gyn Exam - Pap Test, Cervical/Endocervical/Vaginal Cells in Fluid Collection Media