Cytology, Gyn Exam - Pap Test
Epic Lab Code: LAB8240
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5222 RCP
Cervical/Endocervical/Vaginal Cells in Fluid Collection Media
One collection vial with detached Cervex-brush(broom)head in proprietary fixative solution. Collection kits (SUREPATH) are available from Processed Stores. See collection video link listed below. This video is 9 min 45 seconds and will take you through the step by step collection procedure.
Turn Around Time:
5 working days
Reference Range:
Normal Result is: Negative for intraepithelial lesion or malignancy.
Complete patient history must accompany the specimen: Provide age, specimen source, last menstrual period, type of hormones being received, IUD, abnormal bleeding, previous abnormal smears, chemotherapy and/or radiation. Be sure and label the collection container with the patient's name and medical record number. The sample container should contain the detached head of the broom (see Sample Collection Instruction Video).
Cervical/Endocervical/Vaginal cells collected in a preservative fluid, automated liquid based preparation (AutoCyte PREP); manual screening under physician supervision.
CPT Code:
Screening Liquid Based Pap test HCPCS codes: G0123 (technical) G0124 (physician code if abnormal) Diagnostic Liquid Based Pap test CPT codes: 88142 (technical) 88141 (physician code if abnormal)
See also:
Pap Smear, Cervical/Vaginal Smear