Leukocyte Lysosomal Enzyme Screen
Label Mnemonic: LESB
Epic Lab Code: LAB3499
Downtime Form: A-1a Miscellaneous Request
Commercial Mail-out Laboratory
5231 RCP
Whole Blood
Collection Medium:
Green top tube 4 mL (Na Heparin) Green top tube 4 mL (Na Heparin)
Preferred Minimum: 6-8 mL whole blood collected in TWO green (Na Heparin) top tubes
Absolute Minimum: 2.0 mL whole blood
If draw is difficult, obtain as much as possible.
Rejection Criteria:
Mix well, sample is only viable for 24 hours. Collect Monday through Thursday only; do not collect on Fridays, holidays, day before a holiday, or weekends.
Delivery Instructions:
Deliver to laboratory immediately after collection.
Testing Schedule:
Test available Monday through Thursday only.
Turn Around Time:
4 weeks
Reference Range:
By report
Patient information sheet, available from Specimen Control 6240 RCP, must accompany the specimen.
CPT Code:
82657, 82658
See Additional Information:
Specimens Requiring Immediate Delivery