HIV Quantitative PCR (Viral Load)
Label Mnemonic: HIVQNTPCR
Epic Lab Code: LAB2468
Downtime Form: A-1a Doctor/Provider Orders - Pathology Molecular
Microbiology/Molecular Infectious Disease
BT 6004
Specimen Instructions:
Record draw time; all collection tubes need to be processed within 24 hours of collection. If specimens cannot reach the Microbiology Laboratory at University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics within the 24 hours, process as follows: Centrifuge for 20 minutes at 800-1600 x g. Aseptically enter the tube and aliquot into sterile tubes.
Collection Medium:
Pink top tube 6 mL (K2-EDTA)
6 mL whole blood or 3 mL plasma. Testing requires a dedicated collection tube. If also testing for HCV RNA or Genotype, collect a second Pink top tube (6 mL whole blood or 3 mL plasma).
Delivery Instructions:
Deliver to laboratory immediately after collection.
Testing Schedule:
Availability: twice per week
Reference Range:
Negative Analytical range in log10 values: 1.3 - 7.00 log (20-10,000,000 CPM non-log transformed values) Negative results and positive results less than 20 CPM will be reported as <1.3 log 10 (<20 CPM).
Testing only approved for viral load testing to monitor therapy. Not for diagnostic testing. Current testing will detect HIV-1 group M subtypes and HIV-1 group O.

Effective 2/21/2013, the process for consent and documentation of consent for HIV testing will be done when placing an HIV order in Epic. There is no longer a need to obtain an "HIV Pre-Test Counseling Packet".

These changes align with current state law requirements for HIV testing and UI Health Care Policy, Policy Governing Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Education, Testing, Reporting and Confidentiality. The summary of consent requirements are as follows:

For adults (18 years or older) able to consent:
  verbal consent must be obtained prior to testing.
  Written consent is not necessary for adult patients.

For minors (less than 18 years old): Before
  undergoing HIV test, a minor must be informed that
  the legal guardian will be notified if the result is
  confirmed as positive. Minors must give written
  consent for HIV testing and treatment services. The
  consent form must note that that the legal guardian
  will be notified of confirmed positive results.

For adults or minors unable to consent: The
  individual's guardian may give consent. If the legal
  guardian cannot be located or is unavailable, a
  health care provider may authorize an HIV test when
  the test is necessary for diagnostic purposes to
  provide appropriate urgent medical care.

HIV orders in minors will all receive retrospective audit review to make sure proper written consent has been obtained and is scanned into the patient chart in Epic.

Below are hyperlinks to the education and minor informed consent forms:

G-2d16 Consent for Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)-Related Testing to be used for Minors (<18 Years of Age)

HIV Pre-Test Education
PCR amplification; Cobas HIV Test (Roche Diagnostics, Inc.)
CPT Code: