UChoose Program                  Overview and Advisory Group

Eat Well. Live Well.

While you dine on campus, we encourage you to make the healthiest choices possible. We want you to know which foods are healthier, so we mark these choices with the UChoose apple icon to denote that item as a healthier choice. The UChoose program can be found around campus at various Campus Cafes, at the Hospitals & Clinics, and in residential dining halls.

An item marked with the UChoose apple indicates that item or entrée contains:

  • Less than 10% of calories from saturated fat

  • Zero trans fat

  • Low Calories

  • Low Sodium

Group Goals & Membership

These criteria were developed by the Healthy Campus Nutrition Advisory Group, a cross section of campus departments charged with the development of healthy nutrition goals for campus and the identification of best practices in support of these goals relative to food service and vending service on the UI campus.


  • Provide a supportive environment for students, faculty and staff relative to the availability of healthy food items on campus.

  • Create greater awareness of healthy nutrition across campus.

  • Base healthy food and vending service recommendations on best practice and evidence based guidelines.


  • Student Health & Wellness

o    Tanya Villhauer, co-chair

o    Heidi Bohall, sub-committee member

o    JoAnn Daehler-Miller, sub-committee member

  • UI Wellness/Human Resources

o    Joni Troester, co-chair

o    Megan Hammes, member, Chair of Communication and Education Work Group

  • UIHC Food and Nutrition Services

o    Joan Dolezal, member

o    Laurie Kroymann, member

o    Beth Fielder, sub-committee member

  • University Housing & Dining

o    Jill Irvin, member

  • Purchasing

o    Jim Jetter, member

  • Staff Representative

o    Ann Synan, College of Dentistry, member

  • Faculty Representative

o    Jane Pendergast, College of Public Health, member

o    Kathy Mellen, Health and Sport Studies, sub-committee member”