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The department of Food and Nutrition Services

Diet Clerks

Name Title Phone Number Pager E-mail Address

Linda Carrillo

Diet Clerk



7780 linda-carrillo@uiowa.edu

Terri Fulton

Diet Clerk 319-356-4429 5755 teresa-miller@uiowa.edu

Letha Huffman

Diet Clerk 319-356-3402  7938 letha-huffman@uiowa.edu

Mary Kurth

Diet Clerk 319-356-2327  7894 mary-behan@uiowa.edu

Victoria Morobe

Diet Clerk 319-356-2482 5755 victoria-morobe@uiowa.edu

Jane Ross

Diet Clerk 319-356-2482 1031 jane-ross@uiowa.edu

Thea Walton

Diet Clerk 319-356-2396  3522 thea-walton@uiowa.edu

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