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Results Reporting

Printed Results
Results can be printed to a client printer if the receiving printer meets the following requirements for off-site printing. This service requires advance notice to set up and test prior to initiation of the regular print cycle.

Printer Requirements:
1. Hewlett Packard (H-P) LaserJet (or compatible) printer
2. PostScript emulation capability (available on most new H-P printers)
3. An IP address
4. High-Speed Internet connection (greater than 56K modem)

Contact University of Iowa Diagnostic Laboratories (UIDL) Client Services at 319-384-7212 (toll free: 1-866-844-2522) to arrange for printing results.

Courier Delivered Results
Clients in our courier service area may elect to receive results hand delivered on a regular schedule.

Faxed Results
Results can be faxed if indicated on the requisition and if the fax number is provided.

Automatic Faxed Results
Results can be faxed automatically, if requested in advance. Contact UIDL Client Services at 319-384-7212 (toll free: 1-866-844-2522) to arrange.

Mailed Results
Results can be mailed to clients that cannot receive results by any of the above mechanisms. These results will be mailed to the submitting client mailing address.