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Billing Options

Address:   University of Iowa Diagnostic Laboratories (UIDL)
Room 5231 RCP
200 Hawkins Drive
Iowa City, IA 52242-1009

Local  319-353-7958            Toll Free  866-844-2522

UIDL NPI No. 1811984636

Federal Tax Identification No. 42:6004813

University of Iowa Diagnostic Laboratories (UIDL) offers both client and 3rd party/patient billing as payment options. The UIDL billing office is open from 8 AM to 5 PM (CST) Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

UIDL produces client invoices on the 15th of each month. The invoices itemize the date of service (collection date), patient name and date of birth, charge description, price and CPT code of each test performed. Payment of the invoice is due within 30 days of receipt. The client is responsible for applicable insurance and patient billing.

CPT Codes are provided in the University of Iowa Diagnostic Laboratories Test Directory Handbook as a convenience to our clients. CPT codes are subject to change at any time; it is the client’s responsibility to verify their accuracy for the test performed. Clients are encouraged to consult the CPT Coding Manual published by the American Medical Association and to address questions regarding the use of any particular code to their local Medicare carrier.

University of Iowa Diagnostic Laboratories (UIDL) is a participating provider with the following payers:

Blue Cross/Blue Shield (all plans)
Medicaid of Illinois
Commercial payers
**Out-of-State Medicaid
***Medicaid of Iowa

*UIDL will bill Medicare for all physician services as well as laboratory (technical) charges associated with office visits.  However, laboratory (technical) charges  associated with a Medicare hospital inpatient or outpatient visit must be submitted to the client in accordance to the Benefits Improvement and Protection Act of 2000 (BIPA).

In the event a health care practitioner orders tests that Medicare deems medically unnecessary, a properly executed Advance Beneficiary Notification (ABN) must be secured by the client prior to collection of the specimen. The ABN form must accompany the specimen to our laboratory. The ABN enables UIDL to bill the patient if Medicare denies our claim for medical necessity or frequency limitations. It is the client’s responsibility to ascertain the need for the ABN (refer to the Guideline Information). In the absence of a properly executed ABN, University of Iowa Diagnostic Laboratories (UIDL) will bill denied charges back to the client.

**Please contact the billing office to discuss billing/payment arrangements for patients whose Medicaid coverage is from a state other than Iowa or Illinois.

***Please be aware that University of Iowa Diagnostic Laboratories (UIDL) is not a participating provider of the Iowa Care Program. Therefore, cases received for patients covered under this program will be returned to the client or billed to the client (if the client opts to have the test performed regardless of this coverage limitation).

General Requirements for 3rd Party/Patient Billing
A completed UIDL Test Requisition form must accompany the specimen and must contain the following information:

  • Referring physician’s complete first and last name (no initials, please)
  • Referring physician’s UPIN and/or NPI number
  • Diagnosis code for clinical lab testing
  • Patient Name
  • Patient Address
  • Patient date of birth and gender
  • Primary insurance name and mailing address
  • Primary insurance policy number
  • Policyholder’s name
  • Policyholder’s relationship to patient
  • Supplementary/secondary insurance name and mailing address (if applicable)
  • Supplementary/secondary insurance policy number
  • Subscriber name of secondary/supplementary policy
  • A copy of the patient’s insurance card (front & back) is desired
  • The correct birthdate of all pertinent insurance policy holders

University of Iowa Diagnostic Laboratories (UIDL) balance bills patients for deductible and co-insurance amounts, out-of-network penalties and non-covered services. It is the patient/provider’s responsibility to obtain a referral for work sent to UIDL in the event the patient’s insurance carrier considers UIDL to be an out-of-network provider.