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Electron Microscopy Service
Danniele G. Holanda, MD and Steven Moore, MD, PhD
A national anatomic and clinical pathology reference laboratory
affiliated with UI Health Care

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Electron Microscopy Service

The UIDL Diagnostic Electron Microscopy Laboratory is a nationwide service which provides technical-only Electron Microscopy services. The current emphasis is on ultrastructural studies of renal and neuromuscular specimens.  The pathologists and laboratory scientists deliver high quality imaging with rapid turnaround time surpassing industry standards.  Our highly specialized instrumentation includes a JEOL JEM-1011 Transmission Electron Microscope and Leica EM UC6 ultramicrotomes.   Images are digitized from the electron microscope using the Advanced Microscopy Techniques (AMT) CCD Camera system and software. 

Turnaround Time: Upon the receipt of the specimen, the turnaround time is typically 24 - 48 hours. 
Specimens received on Fridays will be processed the following Monday.
Digital Image Delivery: Images are delivered via email.
Lab Hours: Monday through Friday from 7:00 am – 8:00 pm. 
Requisition Forms: Electron Microscopy Requisition Form
Renal Biopsy Consultation

Neuromuscular Consultation
Specimen Preparation & Shipping: The tissue specimens should be placed in 2.5% glutaraldehyde fixative solution and shipped using our prepaid FedEx First Priority Overnight airbills.
Shipping Address: UI Diagnostic Laboratories 200 Hawkins Drive 5231 RCP Iowa City IA 52242

More information is available by contacting:

Electron Microscopy Lab
Amy Trent, BS, MT (NCA)
Electron Microscopy Lab Director
Danniel G. Holanda, MD
UIDL Business Manager
Mary Sue Otis
Client Services

Steven Moore, MD, PhD