PML-RARA (t(15:17)) RNA Quantitation withxInterpretation
Label Mnemonic: PMLQNT
Epic code: LAB9020
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CPT code: 81315
Bone Marrow Aspirate, Peripheral Blood
Collection Medium:
Pink top tube 6 mL (K2-EDTA)
5.0 mL Bone Marrow Aspirate or Peripheral Blood in EDTA anti-coagulated pink top tube
Turn Around Time:
7-10 days upon receipt in laboratory
The PML-RAR (t(15:17)) RNA Quantitation assay uses multiplex reverse transcription in combination with droplet digital PCR technology. The assay can reliably detect 1 tumor cell in a background of 20,000 normal cells. The limit of quantitation is 0.01% NPM1/ABL1 ratio.
Testing requires dedicated collection tube.
Sample Processing:
Do Not Centrifuge.
Sample Storage:
Transport Instructions:
Place specimen into zip-lock type bag, seal bag.
Place packing list into outside pocket of bag.
Protect phlebotomy tube from excessive heat and ship in cooled container during summer months.
Recommend early AM overnight shipping or equivalent if not on courier service.
Ship refrigerated.
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