Cerner LIS no longer available after 7/15/16, replaced by
Charon read-only archive database

Pathology is sun-setting the Cerner Laboratory information system (LIS) effective 7/15/2016.  It is being replaced with the Cerner archive database, Charon.  Charon is a read-only version of the Cerner LIS data. The Charon system has been validated and is currently available for use. Data added to Cerner after the 3/2/16 copy-over will not be present in the Charon Archive system.  Charon is a read-only system and this data will not be updated.

Unlike Cerner, Charon is only available through the Citrix icon and only to a limited number of users.   Labs that requested access for select staff and all pathologists with previous Cerner access should now have Charon via Citrix.   Your login and password will be the same as it was in the Cerner LIS at the time of copy over (3/2/16). 

The Cerner LIS desktop icons will be made inactive on July 15, after that access to Cerner data will only be available via Charon. 

Please contact the Pathology informatics with questions or problems at

A Help document is attached for common questions.