Anaerobic Tissue Transport Devices Unavailable

Beginning November 3rd, 2016, the anaerobic tissue transport jars used at UIHC (wide mouth, first image) will be unavailable.  There is no direct replacement and these will likely be restocked within a week.

In the interim, we recommend that for anaerobic culture of tissues, samples may be placed in the tube normally used for fluids (rubber septum with screw cap, Stores #59546; second image).  Larger samples may be placed in sterile containers (Stores #37777) but transport to the laboratory must be immediate for anaerobes to be recovered.

Anaerobic Tissue Transport (wide mouth)       Rubber Septum with Screw Cap

This does not affect anaerobic transport of fluids, which were not placed in the anaerobic jars.  Fluid or tissue specimens should never be placed in Eswab tubes.

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