Microbiology Source "Other" no Longer Valid

As of today, January 6, 2014, "Other" will no longer be a valid specimen source for microbiology orders placed in Epic.

If a specific source is not available in Epic there are two options:

1) Select the closest source as a placeholder and enter a description in the specimen site and comments boxes.  Microbiology staff will select the correct testing based on this information.

2) Call the microbiology laboratory at 356-2591 for advice.

The screenshot below illustrates the location of the source, site and comments boxes in a microbiology order and a new prompt if an appropriate source is not found:

Other Source Example

Questions concerning this broadcast can be directed to Bradley Ford, MD, PhD, Medical Director of Microbiology; (ext. 6-2990, bradley-ford-1@uiowa.edu).