Blood Bank Sample Needed for First Non-RBC Transfusion Starting October 3, 2015

With the implementation of the Blood Establishment Computer System (BECS) on October 3, 2015, historical blood types will need to be verified in the new computer system before issuing non-red cell containing products (platelets, cryo and plasma).  Starting on September 30, 2015, all Blood Bank Samples will be entered into the new system in preparation for go-live.  On or after October 3, 2015, if a patient does not have a blood type sample from 9/30/15 or after, a one-time blood type sample (LAB4309) is needed to verify ABO/Rh with the patient’s historical blood type in the new Blood Bank Computer system.  Once the patient’s blood type is confirmed with an ABO/Rh in the new system, no additional samples will be required for further platelet, cryo, or plasma transfusions.

A current sample (within 3 days of collection) will continue to be required for all red cell containing products.  Please contact Natalie Chambers at or 3-7603 if you have questions regarding this change.