New "Deep wound" order in OpTime

Beginning today, December 15, 2015, a new test type, “deep wound culture”, will be available in Epic OpTime for certain microbiology specimens.  In cultures where it is appropriate it will appear as follows:

Deep Wound Order

The “deep wound” test includes both aerobic and anaerobic culture, which are already built for appropriate sources.  The “deep wound” test is therefore primarily a mechanism for remembering anaerobic culture in cases where it may be appropriate.  Separate aerobic and anaerobic cultures are redundant and should not be ordered if “deep wound” is selected.

In acquiring anaerobic specimens, anaerobic transport media are required.  Use Hospital Stores item #59547 (left) for tissues and #59546 (right) for fluids.

Anaerobic Transport Media for Tissue   Anaerobic Transport Media for Fluids

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