Policies and Practices Concerning Additional/Reflex Testing in Pathology

All laboratory testing requires a written or electronic order signed by a Licensed Independent Practitioner (LIP).  Some laboratory tests or procedures may yield results which require additional testing for optimal clinical care.  The Department of Pathology has well-defined policies and practices for initiating additional/reflex testing but recognizes that clinical situations may arise in which such testing might not be desired.  The purpose of this announcement is to provide an annual reminder of current policies and practices and to remind all LIPs that they may contact the Pathology Department at any time in regard to additional/reflex testing for any patient(s).  The standard policies and practices are listed below.  Questions may be directed to Dr. Matthew Krasowski, Director of Laboratories (384-9380, e-mail: matthew-krasowski@uiowa.edu).

Section Specific Policies and Practices Concerning Additional/Reflex testing in the Department of Pathology: 

Anatomic Pathology:

Core Laboratories

DeGowin Blood Center

Microbiology and Molecular Pathology

Point of Service:  Critical Care Laboratory/Special Care Nursery/Iowa River Landing Laboratory

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