Epic Beaker Microbiology Ordering Tips

The Epic Beaker system has been implemented for one week.  Some of the new Beaker test orders are unfamiliar as we have transitioned from generic orders to a larger number of specific orders (see previous broadcast for a summary table).  Attention to the following list of common questions may make ordering easier.

  1. There is a new step to ordering.  After printing labels specimens must be “collected” by clicking a hyperlink before sending to the lab.  Ask a nurse manager or educator to demonstrate, or call the Helpdesk (6-0001) if uncertain about this workflow.

  2. Quantitative culture on a respiratory specimen (quantitative BAL, sputum) is orderable as “Quantitative Aerobic Culture” [LAB2392].  For quantitative tissue culture order “Quantitative Tissue Culture” [LAB2390].

  3. Urine cultures that reflex from urinalysis results are not yet a formal orderable.  If separate samples for urinalysis and culture are sent, a clinician can order a urinalysis, then after consulting the results place an order for urine culture and call the core lab at 6-3527 to initiate culture.

  4. Sterile body fluids (peritoneal, pleural, joint) should be collected in blood culture bottles and ordered as “Sterile Body Fluid, Automated” [Lab2413]. Additional fluid for Gram stain and anaerobic culture should always be sent with the bottles (the laboratory will add these with each order automatically).

  5. Intravascular catheter tip cultures are no longer performed.

Questions concerning testing can be directed to Bradley Ford, MD, PhD, Medical Director of Microbiology (ext. 6-2990, pager 8290.