Archived Bulletins 2013

Influenza Testing, Change to Cutoff Time for Same-day Results 2013/12/23
Changes in Celiac Disease Antibody Testing 2013/12/16
Delays in Laboratory Testing 2013/12/10
New Cryoprecipitate Pool Size of 5 Units 2013/12/09
Changes in Reference Range for Chemistry Tests 2013/11/25
Changes to Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) and Pregnancy Testing 2013/10/21
Changes to Iron Panel 2013/09/24
Policies and Practices Concerning Additional/Reflex testing in Pathology 2013/09/20
Delays in Laboratory Testing for Monday, September 23 2013/09/20
Standardization of Repeat Swab Cultures for Mycobacteria and Fungal Organisms 2013/09/18
Updated Misidentified Laboratory Specimen Policy 2013/09/03
Change in Units for Kappa/Lambda Free Light Chains in Serum Test 2013/08/26
Delays in Laboratory Testing for Tuesday, August 27 2013/08/23
Sample Type Change for Urine Chemistry Tests 2013/08/23
Umbilical Cord Testing for Newborn Drug 2013/08/23
Platelet Count on Citrate Tube 2013/07/22
Stool Testing for Cyclospora 2013/07/19
Boricon Preservative Tubes for Urine Culture 2013/07/11
New Swabs for Microbiological Culture 2013/07/08
CMV PCR Testing on Amniotic Fluid 2013/07/02
Rapid Group A Streptococcal testing, modifications 2013/06/27
New Swabs for Microbiological Culture 2013/06/19
New Urine Charcoal Analysis Test Now Available 2013/06/18
Epic Order for Testing of Source Patient for Blood-Borne Pathogen Exposure (BBPE) 2013/06/03
New Pediatric Blood Culture Order 2013/05/21
Renaming of C-Reactive Protein, Highly Sensitive test in Epic 2013/05/20
Delayed Results for Four Chemistry Assays this morning, May 13 from 9:30 a.m. — 12:30 p.m. 2013/05/13
Changes to Viral PCR Receipt Times 2013/04/22
Changes to HSV and VZV detection by PCR 2013/04/16
Flu and RSV Testing Daily Cutoff Changes 2013/04/01
Changes to Quantitative Viral PCR Reporting of Low Positives 2013/03/25
Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) 1a and 1b subtype 2013/03/14
Changes to EBV Quantitative PCR Testing from CSF 2013/02/26
Changes in ANA Testing 2013/02/22
EBV Heterophile (Monospot) Testing 2013/02/21
Change in Syphilis Testing Algorithm 2013/02/21
Changes to Documentation of Consent for HIV Tests 2013/02/19
Changes in Epic Ordering for Fungal Stains and Culture 2013/02/14
Changes in HIV Viral Load by PCR Testing 2013/02/04
Changes in Anti-Mitochondrial and Anti-Smooth Muscle Antibody Testing 2013/02/01
HSV-1 and HSV-2 IgG Serology Assays Now Available in Core Laboratory 2013/02/01
Vasculitis Autoantibody Tests (GBM, MPO, and PR3 Autoantibodies) Now Available in Core Laboratory 2013/02/01
Issues with MRSA/MSSA Surveillance, C. Difficile PCR, and Enterovirus PCR Testing 2013/01/09

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