New Swabs for Microbiological Culture

Beginning Wednesday, June 19, 2013, new swabs for microbiological culture will be stocked for use.  These replace the old swabs (#1 and #2 in the picture below, PS #907464 for anaerobic culture and PS #922349 for aerobic culture, both of which may still be used if stock remains).  Swab #3 in the picture, the Copan double red swab (PS #26200) will continue to be used for MRSA/Staphylococcus aureus PCR ONLY (Epic LAB5810).

Swab #4 in the picture, the Copan Liquid Amies Elution Swab (ESwab) Collection and Transport System (PS #74541) replaces both swabs #1 and #2.

Some important general points:

Examples of Swabs

Instructions for use:

Swab Instructions

  1. Open the ESwab sample collection pouch and remove the tube and swab.
  2. Collect the sample from the patient.
  3. Aseptically unscrew and remove the cap from the tube.
  4. Insert the swab into the tube and break the swab shaft at the breakpoint indicated by the colored line marked on the swab shaft. Discard the broken handle part of the swab shaft into an approved medical waste disposal container.
  5. Replace cap on the tube and secure tightly.
  6. Apply patient identification label. Seal the tube in a specimen bag and send the sample to the microbiology laboratory.

Questions concerning this broadcast can be directed to Bradley Ford, MD, PhD,  Associate Medical Director of Microbiology, (ext. 6-2990,