Issues with MRSA/MSSA Surveillance, C. Difficile PCR, and Enterovirus PCR Testing

The Cepheid GeneXpert platform in Microbiology is having a software problem that may take another day to fix.  The testing affected and our interim solutions are listed below.

MRSA/MSSA surveillance, nasal swabs (Epic code LAB5810)
Culture based testing will be performed that will take 24-48 hours.

Clostridium difficile Toxin PCR, stool (Epic code LAB5842)
Stools will be held pending repair of the instrument; no more rapid solution is available.

Enterovirus PCR, qualitative, CSF
Samples will be sent to the State Hygienic Laboratory for equivalent testing.

Questions should be addressed to Bradley Ford, M.D. Ph.D., Associate Medical Director of Microbiology; 319-356-2990.