New Swabs for Microbiological Culture

Beginning today, July 8, 2013, the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics Microbiology Laboratory will use the BD Affirm system to replace wet preps for the detection of Trichomonas vaginalis, Gardnerella vaginalis, and Candida spp. in women (Epic # LAB7263).  For detection of Trichomonas from male urethral specimens, call Microbiology at 356-2591 (see below for instructions).

Because the BD Affirm test is based on DNA probe technology, it is not subject to the stringent delivery criteria that apply to a wet prep.  Specimens now have to be delivered within 24 hours, and detection of pathogens is not reduced if delivery is not immediate.

The BD Affirm system is not designed, validated, or FDA cleared for male patients.  For males, the urethra should be swabbed (any appropriately sized swab if acceptable; for unisex Aptima collection kit call Microbiology at 356-2591).  Male samples will be sent out for testing.  Male urethral samples should be delivered the same day, but immediate delivery is not necessary.

Female specimens should be collected using the Affirm VPIII Ambient Temperature Transport Kit (PS#74472).  This is now available from the Nursing special order catalog.  Wet preps will continue to be done for two weeks while UIHC transitions to the Affirm system.  A picture of the kit and instructions are below.

BD Affirm System Kit and Instructions

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