Policies and Practices Concerning Additional/Reflex testing in Pathology

This broadcast details pathology policies and practices regarding additional/reflex testing that may be performed on certain pathology tests.  A link to this policy will be accessible in Epic in a hyperlink associated with every laboratory test starting on Tuesday, December 4, 2012.  This policy has been reviewed and approved by the Diagnostic Services Subcommittee.

All laboratory testing requires a written or electronic order signed by a Licensed Independent Practitioner (LIP).  Some laboratory tests or procedures may yield results which require additional testing for optimal clinical care.  The Department of Pathology has well-defined policies and practices for initiating additional/reflex testing but recognizes that clinical situations may arise in which such testing might not be desired.  The purpose of this announcement is to provide a basic description of current policies and practices and to remind all LIPs that they may contact the Pathology Department at any time in regard to additional/reflex testing for any patient(s).  The standard policies and practices are listed below.

Section Specific Policies and Practices Concerning Additional/Reflex testing in the Department of Pathology: 

Anatomic Pathology

Core Laboratories

DeGowin Blood Center

Microbiology and Molecular Pathology

Point of Service:  Critical Care Laboratory/Special Care Nursery/Iowa River Landing Laboratory

Point of Service:  Mailout Services

Questions may be directed to Dr. Matthew Krasowski, Director of Laboratories (384-9380, e-mail: matthew-krasowski@uiowa.edu).