Changes to Epic Blood Product Orders effective Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The following message is distributed on behalf of the Transfusion Subcommittee.

Effective Tuesday, August 30, 2011, the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics electronic blood product order forms will include a new component that requires the selection of indications for ordered blood products. The new sets of indications were the joint effort of the Transfusion Subcommittee, the Blood Management Steering Committee, and numerous clinical consultants. Indications will appear in a drop-down box in the Epic order template for each type of blood product. An adult indications set will appear by default for patients 18 years old or greater. For patients less than 18 years old, a drop-down box that includes separate sets of neonate/infant indications and pediatric indications will appear. Indications are selected from the drop down menu. The new indications component of blood orders is intended as a guide to best practices, and is a proven strategy to improve transfusion practice and safety in hospitals with blood management programs. All existing blood order sets will remain unaltered except for an added component of indications selection.

Questions regarding medical implications of the indications should be directed to Dr. Sara Shunkwiler, Transfusion Fellow at 6-1003. Questions regarding Epic functionality should be directed to Kathy Eyres at 6‑0353 or the Epic Help Desk at 6-0001.