Archived Bulletins 2010

Downtime for Chemistry Assays (December 29, 2010) 2010/12/28
Downtime for Chemistry Assays (December 9, 2010) 2010/12/08
New PCR test for Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae 2010/12/03
Change in Fetal Lung Maturity Testing 2010/10/20
New Ethylene Glycol Immunoassay 2010/10/18
Changes in HIV Testing 2010/10/08
Changes to Prolactin Assay 2010/09/13
Duplicate Checking for Genetic Tests 2010/09/09
Changes to Multiple Sclerosis Screen Laboratory Test 2010/09/03
Change in Handling of Synovial Fluid Specimens for Crystal Analysis 2010/09/03
Duplicate Checking for Laboratory Tests 2010/08/30
Removal of Barbiturates Assay from Routine Drug of Abuse Panels 2010/08/26
Update in Amphetamines Drug of Abuse Screening 2010/07/06
Plasma Ethanol Testing 2010/06/28
Changes in Ordering of Vancomycin Drug Levels Effective 6/2/10 2010/06/02
Error in Calculation for Transferrin Receptor/Ferritin Index 2010/05/12
Delay in Infectious Disease Serology Testing for Week of May 10, 2010 2010/05/06
Changes for Amylase (Plasma) Assay 2010/04/20
Changes to Drug of Abuse Testing Panels 2010/04/09
Microbiology Specimen Collection and Transport 2010/04/08
Changes to Viral Hepatitis Testing 2010/04/05
Partial Thromboplastin Times 2010/03/01
Change in Policy Regarding Misidentified Specimens 2010/02/25
Delay of Chemistry Test Results 2010/02/22
Insulin Assay Update and Important Background Information 2010/02/22
Availability of a new test for the Immature Platelet Fraction 2010/02/16
Possible Delays in CBC Results 2010/02/15
Delay of Chemistry Test Results 2010/02/08
New Testing using PCR-based Detection for Multiple Respiratory Viruses 2010/02/02
Temporary Interruption in Reporting CD4 T Cell Counts 2010/01/27
Possible Delays in CBC Results 2010/01/20
Introduction of Panels and Clarification of Critical Value Reporting Policy 2010/01/08
Improvements in Laboratory Test Result Reporting in Epic 2010/01/05

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