Introduction of Panels and Clarification of Critical Value Reporting Policy

(1) Introduction of panels:

Effective January 11, 2010, three CMS approved panels of laboratory tests will be added to the Epic database:
    Includes Na, K, Cl, CO2, BUN, Ca, creatinine, and glucose

  2. ELECTROLYTES, Epic # LAB941
    Includes Na, K, Cl, and CO2

  3. LIPID PANEL, Epic # LAB18
    Includes total cholesterol, HDL, and triglycerides, as well as the calculated parameters LDL-C and

These panels will be orderable as a group and result as a single group in Epic In-Basket and Chart Review as opposed to the current situation where the individual tests in a panel come back separately.

HCIS staff will update order sets that contain groupings equivalent of these Epic panels (BMP, Electrolytes, & Lipid Panel) to the new panel order codes.

(2) A broadcast message went out January 5, 2010 related to changes in reporting of critical laboratory values. The only change will be that the result will post in Epic immediately upon technical verification of the result. The verbal communication of critical values, including who may accept these values, will not change. This policy is detailed in University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics policy # DS-CR-05.47 ("Diagnostic Services – Critical Results"). The main practical implication is that the critical value result may appear in Epic prior to the phone call.

For questions related to conversion of Epic order sets to include the new panels, please contact Kevin Cano (ext. 6-0095). For other questions regarding these changes, contact Matthew Krasowski, MD, PhD, Medical Director of Clinical Chemistry (ext. 4-9380 or pager 1171).