Availability of a new test for the Immature Platelet Fraction

As of tomorrow. (February 17, 2010) the Hematology Laboratory will offer a new test, the Immature Platelet Fraction % (IPF%). This test enumerates the immature platelet percentage and is useful in the assessment of thrombopoiesis. Platelets, particularly immature platelets, are helpful in monitoring thrombopoiesis, diagnosing thrombocytopenia, and in the assessment of the mechanism of platelet destruction. The presence of increased immature platelets indicates increased platelet production.

The test should be ordered in conjunction with a platelet count and can be done on the same lavender top tube within 4 hours of drawing the blood.

Questions to Nancy Rosenthal, M.D., Director of Hematopathology (ext. 4-8751 or beeper 7057).