University Hygienic Lab Test Results

Effective March 2, all University Hygienic Lab (UHL) test results that are received on paper will be sent to Health Information Management for scanning into the electronic medical record. Results completed by UHL on March 2 or after, will be displayed in IPR under "Display Documents for a Patient" as a C-2 Laboratory Result, or under the Epic Media tab (where all scanned documents display). To facilitate timely retrieval, scanning will be performed daily as results are received.

Paper reports will then be forwarded to the ordering physician as a means of notification that the results are available. This paper document may then be confidentially discarded.

There will be no display changes in the UHL test results that are currently transmitted electronically (Iowa newborn metabolic screen, Alpha fetoprotein, AFP neural tube defects, AFP confirmatory).

Questions may be addressed to Tammi Craft, Director, Health Information Management, at 356-3200 or; or Sue Dane, Informatics Manager, Department of Pathology at 356-1748 or