Lab Orders

Before sending a sample or specimen to the lab, please check to see if the appropriate orders have been released to the correct visit for your area. At the time an order releases it should print to the designated printer. If you choose an incorrect visit, your requisitions will print to that clinic’s defaulted printer. If this happens you will need to cancel the order and reorder.

If you are unable to find your original requisition and need to send an alternate report with the patient sample, go to ‘Order Review’, find your order, at the bottom of the screen right click on the order report and choose print. A smaller window will open. From there, click the print box next to the Released order #. If you do not see this, verify your order has been released. You will need to do this for each order. Record the collect date and time on the report. It is essential that lab have an accurate list of all active labs showing MRN, the ordering provider’s name and CLP#, and the collect date and time.

Pathology is dedicated to not delaying patient care, but in order to provide patient care it is necessary that the report accompanying the sample or specimen specifies the order, patient name, patient number, physician, and physician CLP.

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