Archived Bulletins 2009

New Critical Value for INR will be > 4.0 2009/12/18
Clostridium difficile Toxin Detection by PCR 2009/12/11
Change in Laboratory Specimen Pick-up for Wednesday, December 9, 2009 2009/12/09
Scan all Blood Bank specimens in IPR 2009/12/07
Re-start of Local Flow Cytometric Testing for Fetal Erythrocytes Detection 2009/11/24
Thiocyanate Level to Become Mailout Test 2009/10/01
Procainamide and N-acetylprocainamide (NAPA) Levels to Become Mailout Tests 2009/09/29
Clinically Appropriate Ordering of Vitamin D Levels 2009/09/23
Fetal Erythrocyte Detection/Quantitation: Temporary Shift to Mailout Testing 2009/09/23
New Calculated Value for Non-HDL Cholesterol 2009/09/09
Laboratory Testing for Novel Influenza A (H1N1) Virus 2009/09/02
Tricyclic Antidepressant Screening Assay to Become Mailout Test 2009/08/27
Delivery of Surgical Pathology Specimens After Hours 2009/08/26
Primidone and Quinidine Levels to Become Mailout Tests 2009/08/19
Viewing Positive Microbiology Cultures in Chart Review 2009/07/24
New Group A Rapid Strep Screen Panel 2009/07/20
Delay in Clostridium difficile Results 2009/07/01
Epic Lab Ordering Questions & Answers 2009/05/20
Update on Blood Product Orders 2009/05/06
Temporary Laboratory Change in Policy for Handling Suboptimal Specimens 2009/05/05
Lab Orders 2009/05/04
Testing for Swine Influenza (Updated Guidance May 1, 2009) 2009/05/01
Handling Laboratory Specimens During and After Epic Go-Live 2009/04/29
Testing for Swine Influenza 2009/04/28
Suspension of Limited Exposure Donor Program 2009/04/13
Pneumatic Tube Delivery of Blood Components 2009/04/03
Change in Tube Type for HCV Quantitative PCR 2009/04/03
Decedent Care Center's New Operating Hours 2009/03/19
New Massive Transfusion Protocol 2009/03/12
Discontinuation of Automatic Printouts of Laboratory Results on Inpatient Areas 2009/03/11
University Hygienic Lab Test Results 2009/02/27
Discontinuation of Telephone Calls for Negative Type and Screen Tests 2009/02/18
Hemolyzed Blood Specimens 2009/02/17
New Testing for High Risk HPV 2009/02/05
Changes in Pathology Phlebotomy and Laboratory Services 2009/01/16
CK-MB Testing to be Discontinued 2009/01/16

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