Scan all Blood Bank specimens in IPR

Blood Bank cannot accept specimens that have not been scanned in IPR at the time of collection. All blood draws for Blood Bank testing (e.g. transfusion reaction blood draws, platelet antibody screen/crossmatch) must have positive patient identification verification by scanning via IPR's Transfusions: Blood Product Tracking, Sample Collection in the presence of the patient as is done currently with type and screen samples. If this is not done the specimen will be discarded and a new one will need to be drawn. The FDA and Joint Commission require positive patient identification verification.

Please refer to Department of Nursing Services N-07.069 for more information. For IPR downtime, verification of sample collection is performed by two people. See N-07.072 for downtime procedures. Thank you for your cooperation. Please refer questions to:

Anne M. Smith MSN, RN
Advanced Practice Nurse, Center for Nursing Quality,
   Professional Development, Research and Informatics
Department of Nursing Services and Patient Care
Judy Levitt, MT(ASCP)SBB
Clinical Laboratory Manager
DeGowin Blood Center