Archived Bulletins 2007

New Assay for HIV Viral Load Testing 2007/12/12
Elimination of Duplicate Draw Times for Drug Levels 2007/12/10
Temporary Delay in Mayo Reference Testing 2007/11/06
Blood Transport Coolers 2007/10/11
D-Dimer Collection Tube Change 2007/10/10
Delay in Reporting Hepatitis B Surface Antibody 2007/10/03
Switch to Allergen IgE ImmunoCAP® Testing Site 2007/09/26
Update to Blood Transfusion Tracking 2007/09/06
Holding Type and Screen Specimens for Pre-transfusion Compatibility Testing 2007/07/19
Change to Lavender Top Tubes (EDTA) Only for Absolute CD4 Counts 2007/06/26
UHL Alpha Fetoprotein Results Displayed in IPR Profiles/Results 2007/06/21
New Chromogenic Factor X Assay 2007/06/20
e-Orders for Hemostasis-Thrombosis and Therapeutic Drug Assay Requisitions 2007/05/31
Newborn Screening 2007/05/07
New In House Sirolimus Assay 2007/04/19
Change to Purple Top Tubes for HIV Viral Load Testing 2007/04/16
NT-ProBNP 2007/04/11
Modification to e-Order Microbiology Content in IPR 2007/03/23
Changes to Urinalysis Ordering Procedure 2007/02/15
Influenza A and B: Practice Regarding Laboratory Testing 2007/02/07

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