UHL Alpha Fetoprotein Results Displayed in IPR Profiles/Results

Effective Saturday, June 23, 2007, Alpha Fetoprotein testing on maternal serum or amniotic fluid, performed at the University Hygienic Laboratory (UHL), will be displayed in IPR under the Profiles/Results tab “Lab Results”.

UHL requisitions completed by UIHC staff and sent with the specimen for testing must be completed in their entirety. It is extremely important to legibly write the correct Medical Record Number, complete patient name, date of specimen collection, etc. on the UHL requisition. Missing or inaccurate information (such as a transposed Medical Record Number or missing collection date) will prevent those patient results from being displayed on IPR.

University Hygienic Laboratory contact phone number is 335-4500; ask to speak with someone in the AFP Lab.

Questions should be directed to Mary Jo Duffy, Clinical Applications, HCIS, 356-0085, or Sue Dane, Pathology Informatics, 356-1748.