On April 16, 2007, the clinical laboratories will switch from B-natriuretic hormone (BNP) to N-terminal-pro BNP (NT-ProBNP). The reasons for this change are:

1. Fully automated assay with much better precision than the current assay.

2. Much improved stability of 3 days at room temperature allowing this test to be added on to samples already in the laboratory.

3. Assay performed on heparinized plasma (green top) so additional tube does not have to be drawn.

4. This is the assay performed at the VA hospital so there will be consistent reference ranges between the two hospitals.

Any requisition with BNP marked after April 16, 2007, will receive a NT-ProBNP. BNP will be offered for one month after initiation of NT-ProBNP to "rebaseline" patients. To order a BNP it MUST be on a miscellaneous requisition accompanied by the proper sample type (EDTA). Questions to Dr. Ronald Feld at 6-1759.