New Assay for HIV Viral Load Testing

Beginning today, 12-14-07, HIV viral load testing will be performed using a new assay (Roche COBAS Ampliprep/Taqman real-time PCR). It will replace both the standard and ultrasensitive Roche HIV Viral Load PCR assays.

The performance of the new assay was determined by the Molecular Pathology Laboratory. Positive and negative results were 100% concordant and quantitative values were comparable to the previous assays with a good correlation (r2 of 0.92) and slightly lower values averaging 0.15 log lower values. The new assay has a reference range of 50 copy/ml to10 million copy/ml.

Please continue to provide the laboratory with EDTA anti-coagulated whole blood (either lavender or pink top tubes) and make sure the tubes are filled because a greater volume of specimen is required to perform testing.

Questions can be directed to Aaron Bossler, MD/PhD, at 4-9566.