Archived Bulletins 2006

Replacement of Therapeutic Drug Assay Form 2006/12/19
Change to Policy of Calling Critical Amylase Values 2006/12/15
Molecular Pathology Lab Result Retrieval 2006/11/29
JAK2 V617F Mutation Detection 2006/11/01
Possible Turnaround Time Delays 2006/10/10
CMV Antigenemia and Quantitation PCR Testing Changes 2006/09/27
Accuchek Glucose Problems 2006/09/26
New Analytic Measurement Range for Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Quantitative PCR Assay 2006/09/11
Caution on Abnormal Laboratory Results 2006/08/09
Specimen Delivery of the Platelet Function Screen 2006/08/09
Possible Turnaround Time Delays 2006/07/26
New Prolactin Assay 2006/07/19
Temporary Location for the Pathology Laboratory Services Hancbook 2006/06/27
Slow retrieval time for Microbiology test results in IPR 2006/06/06
Quantitative (viral load) Testing for Cytomegalovirus (CMV) Infection 2006/06/02
Procedure Room Phlebotomy Service 2006/06/01
V599E Mutation of the BRAF Oncogene 2006/05/30
Serum Kappa, Lambda Light Chains 2006/05/04
Laboratory Testing for Mumps 2006/04/12
Unavailable Testing in the Core Labs 2006/04/07
Human Cranial Flap Storage will Move to the DeGowin Tissue Bank on 3/31/06 2006/03/31
Molecular Pathology Laboratory Now Offers Testing for Microsatellite Instability 2006/03/27
Discontinuation of Free Erythrocyte Protoporphyrin (FEP) 2006/02/20
Automatic Cancellation of Measured LDL Cholesterol 2006/02/15
Discard Blood Tubes Available in Stores 2006/02/13
BCL2/JH Translocation Assay; for identification of follicular cell and other lymphomas and leukemias 2006/01/31
Change in Frequency for Viral Testing 2006/01/23
Discontinuation of CMV Latex Screen 2006/01/17
New Tube Type for Troponin - (Revised) 2006/01/11
Human Allograft Tissue Products will be Moved to the Tissue Bank on 1/14/06 2006/01/11
New Tube Type for Troponin 2006/01/10

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