Online Access to Convenient New Database about Effects of
Diseases, Drugs and Herbs on Lab Tests

University Libraries and the Department of Pathology have purchased a trial subscription to Young’s Effects. This is an online database which provides the effect of disease, drugs, pre-analytical factors, and herbs on laboratory tests. This can be further subdivided into physiological and analytical effects. Young’s includes a feature ("My Effects") which allows one to save searches and bookmark content. The database can be accessed through the Hardin Library home page under "Databases," the InfoHawk Catalog, or through the IPR browser under "General Clinical Textbooks/Literature". It is listed as Young’s Effects (Laboratory test database). Because it is a trial subscription, it is limited to 500 queries per month. Once the 500 quota is reached it will be inoperative until the next month.

The decision to get an unlimited subscription will depend on feedback from users. Please send feedback (positive or negative) to