Delays in Reporting Some Tests and PTH Testing Changes

Several weeks ago Nichols Diagnostics began withholding diagnostic reagents from shipment out of concern arising from interactions with the FDA.  We expected this to be a short – term interruption but shipments have not yet re-started. Since we use their reagents for PTH, thyroglobulin, ACTH, 25-OH-Vitamin D, and TPO-Ab, and since we are now running out of reagent stocks, there will be some delays in reporting test values for these tests while we make other testing arrangements with Reference Labs. The exception is PTH.  This test has been shifted to another instrument in our lab. 

Effective July 25, 2005 the preferred tube type for PTH testing will be a 13X100 Pink Top tube (EDTA). You can purchase this tube in hospital stores number MH09029. When a PTH is drawn in this tube type you will no longer need to deliver on ice. This test in this tube type is stable for 48 hours at room temp.

As of July 25, 2005 you will no longer receive the following tests when you order a PTH: Alkaline Phosphatase (ALP), Calcium (CA), Chloride (CL), Creatinine (CRT), Phosphorus (PO4).   If you want to order any of these tests you will need to draw a separate PST tube (Hospital Stores number MH09034) and order these tests individually.

For questions, please Contact Dr. Ron Feld at 6-1759 or Jeff Kulhavy at 3-7137 or pager number at 3740.