Vital information on Laboratory Test Requisitions

Requisition Completion

With the increased use of the IPR barcode label on laboratory test requisitions, vital information is often being omitted.  As a result, electronic reports of laboratory test results are being sent to the incorrect practitioner’s electronic mailbox.

The following information is REQUIRED on all requisitions:
   1. Patient’s full name, hospital number and birthdate
   2. Nursing station or clinic. 
   3. Time and date sample collected/drawn
   4. Ordering physician’s name and code

A recent audit of requisitions found that the item missing most frequently is Nursing station or clinic.

As we make steady progress toward our goal of creating a fully electronic medical record, it is very important that laboratory data are sent to the correct practitioner. All ordering areas need to review their processes and insure that all required information is supplied on the requisitions. Audits will be performed on a regular basis so that areas having persistent difficulties can be identified and assisted.

Thank you for your cooperation and attention to this important issue.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Kathleen Eyres at 6-8620.