Archived Bulletins 2005

Reduction in CMV Latex Testing 2005/12/20
DeGowin Blood Center Transfusion Management Protocols on Web Site 2005/12/20
Typographical Error on October 2005 version of MH08429 A-1A Path Dr. Order's Form 2005/12/08
Human Tissue Products will be Moved to the Tissue Bank on 12/03/05 2005/11/29
Change in Blood Lead Testing Schedule 2005/11/21
Potential for Falsely Elevated Glucose Values 2005/11/21
Online Access to Convenient New Database about Effects of Diseases, Drugs and Herbs on Lab Tests 2005/10/26
Change in reference range for aPTT 2005/10/03
Test Result Delays on August 30, 2005 2005/08/29
Iowa Neonatal Metabolic Screening Reporting Change as of 9/3/05 2005/08/29
Change in Collection Tube for Fibrin Degradation Products Testing 2005/08/03
Aldosterone (ALDS) and Renin-Direct Testing Changes/Effective Immediately 2005/07/25
Epstein-Barr Viral Panel and Herpes Simplex IgG will Become a Mailout Test to ARUP 2005/07/22
Delays in Reporting Some Tests and PTH Testing Changes 2005/07/19
Policy on Result Transfer for Misidentified Specimens 2005/07/15
Laboratory Testing Requires Visit Creation 2005/07/12
Immunopathology Laboratory will begin offering Flow Cytometric Testing for Zap-70 2005/07/08
Reagents used for the Quantitative HCV RNA PCR Assay 2005/06/27
Vital information on Laboratory Test Requisitions 2005/06/16
Collection Tube Requirement Change for HIV PCR Analysis 2005/06/03
Orders for "Antiphospholipid Antibody" 2005/05/11
Change in Report Format for S-SA (Ro) / S-SB (La) 2005/05/03
Additional Tests Available on A-1a Pathology Doctor Orders 2005/04/20
Core Laboratory Results Delayed April 14, 2005 2005/04/14
New PCR assay for Detecting Clonal Proliferations of B Lymphocytes 2005/03/24
Main Chemistry Instrument Down 2005/03/14
Hepatitis A IgM Testing to be run once a Week Temporarily 2005/02/18
New Capillary Tubes for Finger and Heel Blood Specimens now available in Hospital Stores 2005/02/16
New A-1a Pathology Doctor's Order Miscellaneous Request Form, MH01419 Available 2005/02/15
Anti-Cyclic Citrullinated Peptide (anti-CCP) test for Rheumatoid Arthritis 2005/01/28
D-Dimer Assay Available Again 2005/01/27
Possible Temporary Shortage of 0-4 Miscellaneous Request Form, MH1419 2005/01/19
D-dimer Assay:  Delay in Service and Change in Reference Range 2005/01/19
H. Pylori Breath Test to Commercial Laboratory 2005/01/04

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