New Capillary Tubes for Finger and Heel Blood Specimens now available in Hospital Stores

The Sarstedt Pediatric Capillary draw CBC tube (lavender) is now available for order from stores (MH09454). Pathology will no longer supply these tubes to the patient care areas. These tubes are primarily for capillary (finger stick or heel stick) collection of pediatric blood samples for CBC testing. They are not recommended for adult use and cannot be filled using a syringe or evacuated tube holder. Use of these tubes by staff who have not been trained in their use will causing clotting of the specimen and thus necessitate a re-draw. Use of these tubes on adult patients without laboratory permission may also result in a suboptimal specimen and thus necessitate a re-draw. In-service sessions about the use of this tube are available to pediatric patient care areas and clinics. For information please contact Kathy Eyres at 6-8620.