Possible Temporary Shortage of 0-4 Miscellaneous Request Form, MH1419

The 0-4 Miscellaneous Request form is being utilized for ordering tests that are not specifically listed on other A-1a pathology Doctor’s Order forms.   The 0-4 is now being converted from a smaller size to a full-page A-1a Pathology Doctor’s Order.   It is expected that the new larger forms will arrive within two weeks but it is possible that the Stores will run short of the old forms before the new ones arrive.  Should this occur, users are asked to share forms or to return unopened surplus stock to Hospital Stores for redistribution.  If these actions are insufficient, then patient care areas may temporarily write requests for unlisted tests on the other A-1a forms.  Once the new forms are available (and as soon as the existing stock of the old forms is depleted), it is expected that all patient care areas will begin submitting all orders for otherwise unlisted tests on the new 0-4 Miscellaneous Request Form.  Please contact Dr. John Kemp (384-9611) or Dr. Peter Kaboli (384-8512) with concerns.