Opiate Drug Screen Confirmation:  Inpatient Samples

A careful chart review of patients with positive opiate urine screens and confirmations showed that a large percentage of these patients had been administered or were prescribed opiates.  In order to reduce the unnecessary expense of confirming positive opiate screens in these patients, effective May 24, 2004, the Department of Pathology will no longer automatically confirm positive opiate screens on inpatient samples.  Urine samples will be kept for one month and a confirmation can be added by calling 6-3527 (Please note that there are now two ordering options, with and without confirmation, for urine drug screening on the requisition).  This test is not designed to be a “tox” screen but rather to be used in the management of patients who are being treated for substance abuse.  Questions can be directed to Ronald Feld, Ph.D. at 6-1759.