Archived Bulletins 2004

Inappropriate Specimens Submitted for Anaerobic Cultures 2004/12/17
PCR-based Assay for the Direct Detection of Enterovirus in Cerebrospinal Fluid 2004/12/16
Changes to the A-1a Pathology Doctor's Order Requisition 2004/11/16
HCV Testing in Molecular Pathology 2004/09/01
Change in DHEA Reference Ranges 2004/08/19
Blood Culture Bottle Breakage 2004/08/13
Inpatient Phlebotomy Service 2004/08/11
Vital information on Laboratory Test Requisitions 2004/07/29
Proper Labeling of Blood Specimens 2004/06/29
Altered Testing Schedule Due to Staff Shortages 2004/06/08
Change in Test Methodology for Anti-RNP (Ribonucleoprotein) and Anti-Sm (Smith) Antibodies 2004/05/20
Opiate Drug Screen Confirmation: Inpatient Samples 2004/05/20
Change in Brand of Blood Culture Bottles 2004/05/11
Anti-double stranded DNA Reagent Change 2004/05/05
New Test for Herpes Simplex Encephalitis by PCR 2004/04/29
Change in reference range for aPTT 2004/04/20
Clinical Chemistry offers Renin, (Direct) and Aldosterone testing on March 26, 2004 2004/03/17
Updated Serology Request Form 2004/01/30
Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR) Calculation 2004/01/15
New Tube Type for Most Routine Chemistry Tests 2004/01/14
Platelet Function Analysis:  Specimen Acquisition and Handling 2004/01/08

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