Proper Labeling of Blood Specimens

Effective Thursday, July 1, 2004, the DeGowin Blood Center will require all blood specimens to be labeled with the patient’s first and last name and medical record number.  This is a restatement of current DeGowin Blood Center practices; it doesn’t represent a change in policy.  Specimens will be rejected if the information is not on the label when received.  Precompatibility testing requires typenex labeled procedure.

The following tests will require this information:

ABO and Rh Type (Type)
Antibody Identification (Cell Panel)
Antibody Screen (Indirect Antiglobulin Test)
Antibody Titration (IgG with Marsh Score)
Antibody Titration (IgM + IgG)
Cold Agglutinin Titer
Direct Coombs Test (Direct Antiglobulin Test)
Donath-Landsteiner Test
DTT (Dithiothreitol) Antibody Titer
Fetal Red Cell Screen
Platelet Antibody Screening Test
Platelet Crossmatch
Red Cell Antigen Testing
Rh Type

Questions may be directed to Char Elbert (6-1836), Judy Levitt (6-1835), or Dr. Ronald Strauss (6-0387).